Training by Todd

I have quite a bit of real world experience, whether it be commercials, film, episodic or print, I have at 1 time or another been a part of a team producing content for all of these media avenues. Over the years I have also shared some of what I have learned during my career through instructional videos, brief tutorials, and published books(links below). What I am hoping to do now, is to bring you some new content – lessons and tips based on what you as an artist will encounter when you start working on films, episodic tv and commercials. There are plenty of people out there teaching modeling, texturing sculpting, I can not emphasize enough that even people new to CG can make impressive images — BUT and this is a big BUT, many people are claiming to be Character TD’s and Senior Modelers but have no idea of what it takes to make something that not only looks good, but will function in a production pipeline. I am here to help, through my new Gumroad page I am going to share some real world info, I am going to give you a peek into how I work on shows for big names like Marvel, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. In the near future I will be posting some new and free “cg primer” content to kick things off. I hope you will follow me as I am sure you will learn from what I share. In return I ask that you show your support by telling your friends and colleagues by sharing info about my Gumroad through your social media. Thanks!