About Me
Todd Daniele Senior CG Artist-Modeling/Digital Sculpting/Texturing

I am Todd Daniele (pronounced Dan-Yell-Ee) . At a young age I developed an affinity for drawing, that doesn’t mean I was a prodigy, it just means I liked to play with crayons. I never imagined when I picked up my first crayon that I would be creating Photo-Real 3D models with a machine called a computer, yet here I am. It was a long path with lots of distractions, the tools I used changed dramatically, but the one thing that was constant was my love of visual expression.

Skills and Software Proficiency

Autodesk 3dsMax, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Rizom, Vray, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Wrap3, Mudbox.

My skillset covers a wide range of software and disciplines. Modeling, digital sculpting, unwrapping, texturing, shader development, and lighting. A strong sense of design, spatial relations, anatomy and composition mean I bring much more to the table than just technical ability.

**I do have the ability to render/set up passes but have decided to take a step back from that part of the pipeline**


*Latest News*

March 2021: 2 of the shows that I contributed a significant amount of CG to over the past year have been nominated for 2021 VES awards in the category Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode(“I Know This Much Is True”, and “Survive”). While I personally will not receive recognition(as 1 of the CG artists executing the visual aspect of the work that feels unfair), those shows are highlighted in my demo reels on this site. None of this work is done alone, I would like to acknowledge all the people involved with actually executing the CG work. On I know this much is true, Sergey Polishchuk did tracking, Kim Lee animated the truck, Joe Gunn did CG rain interactions with truck and Enviro. On Survive, Sergey Polishchuk did tracking, Arthur Agote handled compositing.

Between 2018 and 2021 I have worked on 2 Emmy submitted(1 nominee) and 2 VES nominees(in a single year and category).

My clients:

I have worked with numerous NY based production houses, agencies and fx studios as well as creating digital assets and renders for clients of my own. Several of the episodic shots I have worked on have been considered/nominated for both Emmy and VES awards. Below is a small overview of my work.

Episodic: HBO: I Know This Much Is True, Season 1 True Detective. Quibi: Survive. Netflix/Marvel-Luke Cage, IronFist, Punisher, The Get Down, When They See Us. Amazon-The Tick, The Dangerous Book For Boys Network: The Blacklist, Notorious, Agents of Shield, Black Lightning, Bull, Outsiders, Into the Badlands, Criminal Minds Beyond Borders, The Purge, The Enemy Within, 9-1-1, The Good Doctor, Prodigal Son, On Becoming A God In Central Florida. The Walking Dead, Mr.Robot.

Feature: A Most Violent Year, Equals.

HBO, Honda, Adobe(both Photoshop and Acrobat Product lines), Coke, Fuze, Friskie’s, Newtons, Parmalot, Wrigley’s, Tassimo, Alli, Pfizer, IBM, AMD, JBL,  Microsoft, HP, Sony,Kyocera, Verizon/LG, GE,  Nike, Timberland, Cingular/ATT, Target, Sonic  History Channel, MTV, El-P Flyentology video, Old Navy, Procter and Gamble,Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz USA, VolksWagon, Auto-trader, Northrop Grumman, Hyundai, Norwegian Cruise Lines, LensCrafters, TedTalks, UN Climate Summit.

What people are saying about me

If you have a project that requires 3D I am ready to work with you to produce the most professional results possible in the shortest amount of time. If you need help with modeling, sculpting, unwrapping, texturing, lighting and rendering please reach out to me to check my availabilty. I look forward to hearing from you!