Digital Sculpting

Digital Sculpting


This is a collection of some of my Zbrush sculpts.  I have also used Zbrush professionally on projects you can see in my work portfolio. I have modeled characters for Bech’s Sapphire, IBM, Fuze Juice, Wrigleys 5 gum, and Parmalat BlackDiamond string cheese. Check out my you-tube channel for speed-sculpting videos.



devilish_country_singer-01 beach+sketch-01_small character_front-01

FEM_3-01base_head1-01 sloth_session1-01 alien-01 pug-01 minster1-01 ar2-001 planar_analysis-01 aein-01 gobber2-01 cgirl_full_update-01_small 421_1300740315_submedium


chen_wire-01 ito_wire-001 liang_wire-01 lily_wire-01 tommy_wire-01 wu_wire-01





Project Data

  • Client
    Todd Daniele
  • Date
    02 Jan 2013