JBL- Ear of the Tornado

 My Role:

I modeled a set of highly detailed interlocking ground tiles. The salt flat tiles needed to hold up to close camera angles, each tile in the 7 tile cluster supported several 4096 maps. In the end they are motion blurred, but I can assure you the grains of salt were visible on each tile ;) Best part of the Job was sitting next to the magical Miguel Salek and seeing the tornado progress.

Agency: Doner
Agency Location: Southfield, MI
Agency Creative Director: Murray White
Agency EP: Laurie Irwin

Production Company: Psyop
Creative Director: Eben Mears / Anh Vu
Lead Technical Director: Dan Gregoras
Psyop EP: Lydia Holness
Psyop Producer: Ave Carrillo / Erik Gullstrand

Designers: Anh Vu, Lauren Indovina, Naomi Chen, Eunice Kim
Storyboard Artist: Robin Nishio
Previz: Michael Shin

Animators: Anthony Travieso, Ryan Moran, Dan Vislocky, Chris Meek
Modeling: Dan Fine, Thomas Smith, Todd Daniele
Rigging: Zed Bennett
Tracking: Joerg Liebold
Effects TD: Miguel Salek, Dave Barosin
Lead Lighter: Jonah Friedman
Lead Compositor: Nick Tanner
Compositing: Thomas Smith, Adam Flynn, Matt Hanson

Sound Design Company: Skywalker Sound
Sound Designer: Steve Boeddeker

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