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Who I am

I am Todd Daniele. At a young age I developed an affinity for drawing, that doesn’t mean I was a prodigy, it just means I liked to play with crayons. I never imagined when I picked up my first crayon that I would be creating Photo-Real 3D models with a machine called a computer, yet here I am. It was a long path with lots of distractions, the tools I used changed dramatically, but the one thing that was constant was my love of visual expression. When I am not geeking it up in a NYC studio with my colleagues and friends, I am enjoying great food, biking, movies, and most importantly my wife and family.

What I do

First and foremost I am a 3D Modeler(3ds Max), Digital Sculptor(Zbrush), and Lighting Artist (Vray). Aside from modeling and lighting I also have a high competency in texture creation, uv unwrapping, material/shader development, and rendering. I have been creating highly detailed characters and digi-doubles, environment and hard surface models and rendering them with a high level of photorealism for quite some time now. 

A strong sense of design, spacial relations, and overall composition mean that I bring much more to the table than just simply modeling. A well balanced artist and capable technician. I have the ability to adapt and design while creating 3D assets and environments. I know what works, what looks good, and explore all options as I create. In addition to my film, episodic and commercial work, I have authored a book, “Poly-Modeling with 3ds Max” published by Focal Press and also contributed a chapter to the 3DATS publication “3ds Max 2010 Architectural Visualization Advanced to Expert”. In an effort to help more artists become familiar with 3ds max I have also recorded several sets of instructional videos for the premier online training site PluralSight(formerly known as DigitalTutors). In recent years I have presented at the NY Autodesk offices and also taught an Autodesk Masterclass on modeling.


Todd Daniele

Pronounced Dan-Yell-Ee


For anyone searching for a 3D modeler/Sculptor/Lighting artist in the New York tri-state area, here is a list of software and techniques I am proficient in:


Autodesk 3ds Max-Poly-Modeling- organic and hard surface modeling, Unwrapping, Texture Creation, Materials, Lighting, and Rendering in a V-Ray environment.

V-Ray-3ds Max

Adobe Photoshop-texture creation

Pixologic Zbrush-Digital sculpting of characters, environments, and non organic forms and hard surfaces.

Allegorithmic Substance Painter –texture painting

Basic Knowledge of Autodesk Maya– modeling


CAD data Retopology: Anyone that has ever done a car commercial using manufacturer supplied data knows that the provided data is almost always unusable. Cumbersome file sizes, geometry that doesn’t render properly, messy files with nested iterations from the design process are all things that make using these files prohibitive for digital content creation. I have re-topologised dozens of cars for commercials and print ads alike. In general 1 CAD car has a file size equaling 60 to 100 of my retopoed versions of the same car. Models are rebuilt with such accuracy that CAD parts and newly poly-modeled parts can be mixed and matched without worry. Generally glass, painted surfaces, and headlamp/taillamp glass are the parts commonly rebuilt. If you have a need for retopology, please contact me through this site and I can guide you through the process and details.



“having Todd on a project is like having 6 modelers” Joe Nguyen, 1stavemachine.
I’ve known Todd for several years now and I had the opportunity to work with him on a project a few years back. He’s an ultra-efficient modeler/texturing machine! He goes that extra distance to ensure projects are completed on time (most of the time before deadlines) and with the highest level of quality possible.

I highly recommend him for any endeavor..” Jeff Patton, PixelPerfectGraphics.


“Todd was by far the embodiment of talent, professionalism and personality: in effect, the whole package………I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a brilliant team player that brings nothing but the absolute best to the table” Kirsten Malone, .


I have worked with numerous NY based production houses and created digital assets and renders for clients of my own.  The list of projects I’ve been involved with is staggering, below are some highlights.


Episodic: Netflix/Marvel-Luke Cage, Netflix-The Get Down, Amazon-The Tick, Mr.Robot, The Blacklist, Notorious, Agents of Shiled, Bull, Outsiders, Into the Badlands, True Detective, Criminal Minds Beyond Borders.

Feature: A Most Violent Year, Equals.


HBO, Adobe(both Photoshop and Acrobat Product lines), Coke, Fuze, Friskie’s, Newtons,Parmalot, Wrigley’s, Tassimo, Alli, Pfizer, IBM, AMD, JBL,  Microsoft, HP, Sony,Kyocera, Verizon/LG, GE,  Nike, Timberland, Cingular/ATT, Target, Sonic  History Channel, MTV,El-P Flyentology video,  Old Navy, Procter and Gamble,Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz USA, Honda, VolksWagon, Auto-trader, Northrop Grumman, Hyundai, Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Modeling Sculpting Texturing Lighting Rendering
Todd Daniele


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