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      • esayas tesfaye says:

        hi todd i am mailing you from ethiopia africa i have got your book 6 weeks back my relative sent me from u.s. and i am trying to get through it it is nice here i am trying by my self and i am doing god in it anyway if you can get your advise i will be happy so pleas try to mail

      • toddd says:

        Hi Esayas,

        I hope you find the book helpful! 🙂

        You can post any questions you may have here, or on my other forum:


        Thanks for the support!



      • Josef says:

        hi todd!

        today i started working with your book. i have a question on the eye modeling part:
        everything worked fine thanks to your instructions. but now i want to add more detail, like you did. how can i achieve this? i don’t know how to put more edges in there etc to get more detail on it.
        nothing i try works 🙁

        thanks for your answer in advance!


      • toddd says:

        Hi Josef,

        there are tools such as insert edge loop, connect and quite a few other ways to do this. I would recommend re-reading parts of the book and applying the info you find. It’s there, just experiment.

      • Scott Jackson says:

        Hi Todd, does Poly Boost work with Max 2014? It looks like they haven’t updated it since 2009. I saw on one message board that it ships with 2014, but I didn’t see it in my scripts folder.



      • toddd says:

        Hi Scott,
        Poly-boost was renamed Graphite Modeling Tools when it was implemented into max. In Max the “tool ribbon” should be showing by default, if it is not you can have it show by going to the “Customize” menu/”Show UI”/”Show Ribbon”. Once open it will appear below the main toolbar, there is a little arrow button to set the way you view the tools.

      • jamie says:

        Hi Todd, Thank you for the great book. I’m it’s original owner but am only now getting the time to do your projects. Where do I get the information for the additional steps? Thanks

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