Honda The Dreamer

I worked on this simply stunning spot with the amazing people @roof studio. I modeled the cars(2 versions), the doors on the back of the engineer’s head,  as well as parts of the track and the robotic platform. Amazing work by all involved(credits below.)


Creative Directors
Guto Terni,Sam Mason,Vinicius Costa
Executive Producer
Crystal Campbell
Ryan Mack
Assistant Producer
Amanda Penney
Director of Photography
Bill Pope
Technical Lead Director
Aaron Baker
Fred Palacio,Eric Pautz,Guto Terni,Vinicius Costa,Sam Mason
Additional Concept Design
Painting Practice
Eric Pautz,David Zung,Fred Palacio
Todd Daniele,Anthony Patti,Gustavo Groppo,Vinicius Costa,Guto Terni,Sam Mason,Daniel P. Teixeira,Fred Palacio,Rafael Ghencev,Juliano dos Santos Araújo,Fellipe Beckman
Previz Animation
Patrick McAvena,Anderson Ko,Guto Terni,Sam Mason,Lucas Ribeiro Fernandes,Henrique Montanari
Paul Wei,Lucas Ribeiro Fernandes,Aaron Baker,Guto Terni,Sam Mason,Fred Palacio,Henrique Montanari
Wesley Schneider,Paul Wei,Henrique Montanari
Shane O’Hara,Pedro Kobuti,Joe Nguyen,Aaron Baker,Vinicius Valente,Gustavo Groppo,Sam Mason,Guto Terni,Vinicius Costa,Daniel P. Teixeira
Visual Effects
Alejandro Echeverry,Pedro Kobuti,Mats Andersson
Matte Painting
Fred Palacio,Eric Pautz
Carl Mok,Tim Regan,Marcello Bortolini,Eric Pautz,Thomas Panayiotou
Pipeline TD
Marcello Bortolini
Pipeline TD
Marcello Bortolini
Color Correction
Seth Ricart, RCO
Additional Color Correction
Tim Masik, CO3
Joe Baratelli
Jason Sperling
Creative Director/Art
Rahul Panchal
Marcella Coad
Paul Fung
SVP, Chief Production Officer
Gary Paticoff
VP, Executive Producer
Isadora Chesler
Sr. Producer
Eva Ellis
Ryan Radley
VP, Director of Business Affairs
Maria Del Homme
EVP, Management Account Director
Brett Bender
VP, Group Account Director
Adam Blankenship
Management Supervisor
Rose McRitchie
Account Supervisor
Patty Mira,Eliza Wan
Account Executive
Donny Menjivar,Chloe Seitz
Sr. VP, Group Strategic Planning Director
Christian Cocker
Associate Director, Strategic Planning
Nargis Pirani
Associate Strategic Planning Director
Rich Bina
Sr. Strategic Planner
Elissa Murch
“Walking on a Dream”
Empire of the Sun
Music Supervision
Squeak E. Clean Productions, Inc.

Lenscrafters Accufit

A spot I worked on with a great team @ Humble. I modeled the entire assembly at the start of the spot, as well as some of the foreground elements that morph and move. This is the 1st in a series of 2 spots I worked on with very different elements.

Hyundai Running Man




I played a small part in this great piece from Universal Everything for Hyundai, I modeled/retopoed the vehicle. This was playing on the Hyundai screen in Times Square a couple of months back


Toshiba Bring Life Forward

I modeled the detailed version of the robotic hand for this beautiful spot for Toshiba.

Agency: Gyro
Client: Toshiba

Director: ROOF Studio
Executive Producer: JaM Japan Marketing
Roof Studio:
Creative Directors: Guto Terni and Vinicius Costa
Executive Producer: Crystal Campbell
Line Producer: Stephanie Haberman
Director of Photography: Christopher Webb
Vfx Supervisor: Fred Palacio, Shane O`Hara and Mike Merron
Storyboard Artist : Carlos Ancalmo
Modeling: Alex Liki, Danilo Athayde, Todd Daniele and Wes Roblett
Rigging: Wesley Schneider
Tracking : Martin Gunnarsson
Animation : Lucas Ribeiro Fernandes and Shane O`Hara
UI Interface design : Piano Fuzz and Arvid Niklasson
Matte Painting: Fred Palacio and Guto terni
Render and Texture : Pedro Kobuti, Shane O’Hara, Guto Terni, Vinicius Valente
Effects : Pedro Kobuti
Compositing: Jason Conradt, Shane O’Hara, Guto Terni, Vinicius Costa, Pedro Kobuti, Fabio Zeveti and Oscar Tornincasa.
Edit : Guto Terni
Additional Footage: Getty Images and Shutterstock
Original Music : Huma-Huma
Executive Creative Director : Steffan Postaer
Creative Director : Steve Mawhinney
Management Supervisor: Blythe Graham-Jones
Account Director: Maye Chua
Producer: Kathryn Redekop
Art Director: Toby Petersen
Senior Art Director : Rei Young
Senior Copywriter: Eric Flynn

Skoal Jeep Giveaway

I worked with an awesome team @fusefx on this print/web spot for Skoal. My role was modeling the modified jeep elements including light packages, full suspension, tires and wheels, bumpers and trim. I also modeled the fallen tree.

Slomin’s Factory

Worked with a great team @ Humble on this spot for Slomin’s. I modeled Virgil as well as the forklift, watercooler set/environment, and alarm keypad

the visit

I sculpted the statues in this spot, as well as modeled/unwrapped some of the environment elements.

Slomin’s Burglars

I worked with an awesome bunch of people @Humble on this spot for Slomin’s. I modeled the Virgil Character based on some awesome drawings by Tim Haldeen.


I worked with a talented and dedicated team @ Psyop on this trailer for the Bethesda Game Battlecry. I retopologised some of the characters, mostly focusing on the Enforcer(guy w/metal helmet) I also modeled and textured the clock tower that signals the start of the battle.


I worked on this great spot for Vonage with the fantastic folks over @Humble. I modeled the phones, boxes and wrapping paper, as well as the expanding globe. For the globe and boxes I created blend shapes for the animation.



Kris Merc Director




Cricket Wireless

Working with Psyop L.A. I had a small role in making in this spot, I modeled the cricket store/signage, rooftop sign, and donut in various stages.

Nike Lunar

I modeled the Nike shoes in this and several other versions of this spot for Nike. Shoes were highly detailed, every part was modeled for close-up.

Honda “Hands”

I worked with a very talented team @AnalogStudio on this spot for Honda. My role was to model the NSX prototype, the Honda-Jet, and retopo the CRV to make it a more user friendly asset. Awesome experience working with such a great team!




Keith’s Beer Pineapple

I worked with a great crew @Psyop on this spot for Keith’s beer. I modeled the passion fruit and pineapple, as well as creating the blend shapes needed to create the transformations from Passion to Pineapple, and the tearing of the pineapple. Dave Barosin took the blend shape geo into ICE and made the magic happen.

SplinterCell Blacklist- I am everywhere

I unwrapped and developed textures and did some look/dev on skin shader for the lead character asset provided for this spot for Splintercell Blacklist. I also modeled the clip Sam fastens.

Imaginary Forces-NY

Director: Dan Gregoras

Thursday Night Football Intro

I worked with a very talaneted team over @ Juniper Jones on this intro for TNF. I modeled  the set assets seen throughout.

Well’s Fargo

I modeled, sculpted and textured some of the trees, fencing and boulders seen in this great spot for Well’s Fargo.


Studio: Aero Film

take off with Acela

I developed a high detail Acela engine and cars for this spot. I also created some of the elevated railways and other cg elements.


Studio: Aero Film

NCL Breakaway

Working with Psyop once again.

My Role: I modeled/sculpted/textured Lady Liberty and the dolphins, I also modeled the body and all components of the ship(minus the buildings)

Another Newtonism

The MassMarket team produced, directed, edited and created all the visual effects for the dual spots, enacting a playful yet sophisticated journey through a lush universe of fruits and sculptural water liquids.

Director Jens Mebes


My Role: Sculpting the liquids frozen in time.

Software Used: A bulk of the work for this was done with Pixologic Zbrush. I blocked out base meshes interacting with the place-holder objects within 3ds Max, then jumped right into Zbrush to sculpt the fluid shapes. Dynamesh was used extensively and made the workflow quite quick and editable.

Beck’s Sapphire Serenade

Superbowl 47 spot I worked on with an amazing group of artists @Psyop.

My Role: I modeled/Sculpted the Fish and modeled the base bottle as well.

JBL- Ear of the Tornado

 My Role:

I modeled a set of highly detailed interlocking ground tiles. The salt flat tiles needed to hold up to close camera angles, each tile in the 7 tile cluster supported several 4096 maps. In the end they are motion blurred, but I can assure you the grains of salt were visible on each tile ;) Best part of the Job was sitting next to the magical Miguel Salek and seeing the tornado progress.

Agency: Doner
Agency Location: Southfield, MI
Agency Creative Director: Murray White
Agency EP: Laurie Irwin

Production Company: Psyop
Creative Director: Eben Mears / Anh Vu
Lead Technical Director: Dan Gregoras
Psyop EP: Lydia Holness
Psyop Producer: Ave Carrillo / Erik Gullstrand

Designers: Anh Vu, Lauren Indovina, Naomi Chen, Eunice Kim
Storyboard Artist: Robin Nishio
Previz: Michael Shin

Animators: Anthony Travieso, Ryan Moran, Dan Vislocky, Chris Meek
Modeling: Dan Fine, Thomas Smith, Todd Daniele
Rigging: Zed Bennett
Tracking: Joerg Liebold
Effects TD: Miguel Salek, Dave Barosin
Lead Lighter: Jonah Friedman
Lead Compositor: Nick Tanner
Compositing: Thomas Smith, Adam Flynn, Matt Hanson

Sound Design Company: Skywalker Sound
Sound Designer: Steve Boeddeker

My Lowes Exploded

Working with the talented folks @ MassMarket.


My Role: I modeled most of the “Exploding” items seen in this spot.

Friskies Alice

Once again I had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of people @Psyop on this new spot for Friskies. This will air before before Pixar’s “Brave” in Summer 2012.

My Role: I had a small part in this spot, I modeled the fish characters, chairs for the hens as well as the flowers seen throughout.


Client: Nestlé Purina PetCare / Shaun Belongie
Spot Title: Alice
Agency: Avrett Free Ginsberg
Executive Creative Directors: David Moore
Executive Director of Broadcast Production: Betsy Rosenblum?Copy Writer: Rachel Hutchison
Art Director: Kimi Peterson
Account Executive: Dawn Terrazas
Assistant Account Executive: Kaela Carey

Production Company: Psyop/Smuggler
Director: Psyop
Psyop Creative Directors: Marie Hyon, Lauren Indovina

Psyop Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Psyop Senior Producer: Crystal Campbell

SMUGGLER Executive Producer/Partner: Patrick Milling Smith
SMUGGLER Executive Producer/Partner: Brian Carmody?SMUGGLER Executive Producer/COO: Lisa Rich
SMUGGLER Executive Producers: Allison Kunzman, Laura Thoel
SMUGGLER Live action producer: Michael Schlenker
Director of Photography: Fred Elmes

Designers : Lauren Indovina, Naomi Chen, Eunice Kim, Pete Sickbert-Bennett
Editor: Cass Vanini
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Lead Technical Advisor: Mark Rohrer
VFX Supervisor: Joerg Liebold
Modeling: Soo Hee Han, Todd Daniele, Brian Eck, Chris Fudge and Aldrich Torres
Rigging: Frank Naranjo
Animation: Lead Kitty Lin
Animation: Ryan Moran
Lighting Pipeline Technical Director: Jonah Friedman
Lighting Team: Helen Choi, Andy Gilbert and Chris Wilson
Texturing: Soo Hee Han, George Smaragdis, Dan Gregoras mand Susie Jang
Lead Tracking: Joerg Liebold
Tracking: Tim Mendler
Feathering: Jonah Friedman, Andy Hara and Elefant Studios
Real Flow: Marcelo Cermak
Lead Compositor: Thomas Panayiotou
Compositors Manu Gaulot, Chase Massingil, Winston Lee and Adam Flynn
Flame: Fabien Coupez
Music Company: MAS
Sound Mix Company: Napolean Group
Mixer: Ron DiCesare

IBM-All in the Cloud

Higher res version of the IBM spot I worked in with the amazingly talented folks over at Psyop.

My Role: I modeled all of the Characters including the Pigeons. As things ramped up Dan Fine modeled clothes and bodies when needed. Schedule was tight on this 1.